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Resource Description

Posted January 2007

The aim of this Resource Kit is to assist trainers in optimising ICT training outcomes when engaging with Aboriginal learners.

As one of the long-standing Microsoft 'Unlimited Potential' partners, Yarnteen has collected the outcomes and information from many of the ICT courses they have delivered and compiled it into this user-friendly Resource Kit. 

hopes by sharing some of their experiences, techniques and values in their delivery of ICT training; trainers may be better equipped to ensure optimal learning outcomes for their Aboriginal Learners.

The Resource Kit is for the benefit of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal trainers and includes case studies, tips and an insight into one trainers experiences with teaching Aboriginal Learners for the first time!
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Posted January 2008

Partners in Enhancing Aboriginal Learning Pathways

A Companion Guide to “Engaging with Aboriginal Learners in ICT” Resource Kit

Developed by Yarnteen Creative Enterprises (YCE) in conjunction with Hunter Community College (HCC)

The aim of this resource kit is to assist trainers in optimising training outcomes when engaging with Aboriginal learners.

It is a Companion Guide to the experiences of our trainers utilizing the Yarnteen “Engaging with Aboriginal Learners in Information Communication and Technology” Resource Kit in their delivery strategies of a joint initiative program between YCE and HCC.

The guide was developed around 5 very important values:

·         Valuing Cultural Contribution

·         Both Ways Together

·         Building Strong Connections

·         Join in the learning experience and finally

·         Support and sustainability

These five values are based on one fundamental principle: Providing Identity through Culture.

In order for anyone to gain the best out of education, their mind, body and spirit must first be well. Personal identity is at the core of well-being. Together HCC and YCE found it necessary to firstly, empower the learners through culture and identity and then secondly, transition into the vocational components of the training.

If you are interestsed in obtaining a copy please email us at training@icec.com.au to recieve an order form.