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About Yarnteen College

The Yarnteen College aims to increase access and quality participation in Vocational Education and Training for Indigenous Australians equal to those of the rest of the community.

The Yarnteen College provides accredited and non accredited training which recognises the needs of the Indigenous community as well as focus on industry areas with potential growth in employment for Indigenous people.

The Yarnteen College has adopted the Principles for the Delivery of Vocational Education and Training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as set out by the NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training.  For further information click here.

Our Vision: “To create pathways for greater Indigenous well being and brighter futures”

The Yarnteen College recognizes the importance in maintaining a set of values that guide the quality of our services and honor cultural integrity.

Our values:

  • Recognition and RESPECT for diversity and cultural identity
  • Ensure a QUALITY outcome for our clients
  • Provide LEADERSHIP to achieve equality for our community
  • Encourage and support TEAMWORK and open communications
  • Recognise and reward CREATIVITY as our strength
  • Ensure ACCOUNTABILITY is adhered

Training Principles

Strategic Action


Yarnteen College is a Registered Training Organisation with national accredition under the  NSW Vocational Education Training Advisory Board.

Yarnteen College is located at the Yarnteen Creative Enterprise Centre, Newcastle West.