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About our Aboriginal Business Development

A key objective of Yarnteen has always been to encourage and assist Aboriginal small business development.  The newly established Yarnteen Creative Enterprise Centre (YCEC) combines both Yarnteen’s economic and social well being objectives by providing a centre where Indigenous community, small businesses and organisations can gain support and bridge the digital divide for greater access to information and technology for community economic development

Recently Yarnteen entered into a partnership with Social Ventures Australia (SVA) with funding from Allco Foundation to assist Indigenous Community Organisations develop social enterprises.

Social Enterprise is a business; it needs to operate as sound business to provide the benefits which they are established for and to be sustainable in the future. The creation of wealth and opportunity for community benefit can only be done through sound commercial practices.

Through this partnership Yarnteen has setup “The Yarnteen Indigenous Social Enterprise Hub”. The program will be conducted as a pilot for the first 12 months and expanded from there.

The Social Enterprise Hub will offer 2 programs:


1.     General Hub Services


All Aboriginal Enterprises in the local area will have access to Hub resources outside of the accelerator program.


They include:


·         Hub Meeting Place – Monthly meetings to serve as a forum for networking, training, guest speaking etc.

·         Hub Connect – Web resource to allow connectivity between social enterprises across Australia, downloadable resources and promotion of the Sector.

·         Hub Commerce – Quarterly business plan review service provided by the Commercial Panel. This forum will also be used a gateway to the Accelerator Program.


2.     The Accelerator Program


The accelerator program provides high touch support for a selected number of social enterprises.


Selection is based on a review of the enterprises’ business plan. Services of the Accelerator Program include:


·         Access to pro-bono legal and accounting services.

·         Access to mentors for business planning and strategy.

·         Access to mentors for tendering and support for identifying procurement opportunities.

·         Access to SVA training and other accredited training through Yarnteen College.


This partnership is committed to making a long term contribution to the capacity building of Aboriginal communities.

Additionally, over the last 14 years, Yarnteen has incubated several local community enterprises and continues to provide both leadership and business support to these organisations.

  • Cardiff Property Services          Building Industry
  • Street Warriors Tribe                  Culture & Music
  • Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association             Aborigional Language & Culture
  • Youloe-ta Indigenous Development Association      Employment & Training