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About our Facility Information


Confirmation of Bookings

Confirmation of bookings must be made in writing on enclosed booking information form no less than two weeks prior to event. In the case of sufficient notice not being given Management reserves the right to cancel the booking and allocate the time and space to another client.

Attendance Numbers

A minimum number of attendees for catered events is required one week prior to the event as these numbers will be used to determine catering numbers.

Completion of Attendance Sheet

Upon attending the Yarnteen Creative Enterprise Centre's Meeting/ Computer Rooms all attendees are to be recorded on the attendance sheet and the sheet handed to Reception by 11:00am on the day of event.


All catering is conducted off premises by registered catering organisations and the Yarnteen Creative Enterprise Centre is not held responsible for delays in delivery of food and any mishaps which occur as a result of the provision of food at an event. All care is taken but no responsibility will be accepted.


All cancellations must be notified to management in writing.

Payment of Invoices

The balance of your function account must be settled on the day or within one week of the event occurring, unless prior arrangements have been made.


In the event of any damage sustained to the Yarnteen Creative Enterprise Centre or Property within, clients will be held financially liable.


All care is taken by the Yarnteen Creative Enterprise Centre but no responsibility will be accepted for the damage or loss of property of the client whilst on our premises.