Yarnteen Ltd
About Us


A sustainable future rich in opportunities for Aboriginal people to share in the wealth of Australia and build respect for our culture and environment.

Yarnteen was established in 1991, during this time we have successfully implemented a number of social programs in both employment and training, and culturally appropriate community-based services areas, programs have included cultural maintenance activities, sporting, youth and women’s programs.

To support Yarnteen’s community focus, we saw the need to become a player in the mainstream economy of our region. This was an important strategy to ensure the sustainability of our organisation, to move away from government funding, and to create long-term employment for our people. Over time Yarnteen has established three main commercial entities, including a major bulk warehouse operation in the Port of Newcastle, and created initiatives to assist Indigenous people to establish and maintain their own businesses.

Governance - Yarnteen is governed by a Board of eight Directors, click here to find out more about our Board.

Our Achievements – We have successfully implemented a number of programs over the years, click here to find out more about our successes.


Lore spiritual lore, good governance, cultural identity and respect for nature and each other.

Love – is a doing word! Love for the spirit, each other, community, our work and our land.

Look – to the spirit, for opportunities and positive outcomes.

Listen – to the spirit, elders, and experts in their field, our community and each other.

Learn - from the spirit, elders, experts, community and each other. Remain open to learn.

Lead - by example with integrity and honesty.