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About Our Microsoft Partnership

Yarnteen aims to promote capacity within Indigenous communities, share the information and encourage strong ethical leadership. One strategy that Yarnteen has promoted is to bridge the digital divide for greater access to information and technology for community development.

For over 6 years Yarnteen have been partnering with Microsoft to work toward addressing some of the issues around access and training for Indigenous people and communities and Information Communication and Technology. (ICT)

Yarnteen and Microsoft have built a solid partnership based around their shared visions and ethics for bridging the digital divide for Indigenous people and communities.

In 2004, Microsoft Australia launched the “Unlimited Potential” Program and Yarnteen was chosen to be one of 5 Foundation Partners.  Yarnteen is the only Indigenous partner and in 2006 was chosen to present our work at the Global Microsoft “UP” Conference in Seattle, USA.


In 2008, Yarnteen’s “UP” program “Indigenous Youth Futures – Dare to Lead” aims to provide ICT skills training to Indigenous youth through culturally relevant projects with the goal of providing employment opportunities. 

In 2010, Yarnteen is again partnering with Microsoft Australia to provide a new IT initiative called "Microsoft RISE" designed to help close the IT gap in Aboriginal businesses. The program will roll out across four locations, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.

To find out about the 'Microsoft RISE' project here:  Microsoft RISE - Sydney Forum

Or register your interest here: Microsoft RISE - Registration