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About IBA

Yarnteen aims to encourage greater Aboriginal participation in the broader economy and build capacity within communities as well as expanding its commercial ventures while encouraging further economic opportunities for associate organisations.

Yarnteen also actively promotes the need for Aboriginal communities to be much more pro-active in ensuring the establishment of successful economic ventures within communities.  Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) is a model for Yarnteen to seek innovation, opportunity and ongoing partnership development.

IBA plays an important role in creating opportunities for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities to build assets and wealth. It does so as an integral partner within the Australian Government's overarching Indigenous Economic Development Strategy.

IBA works closely with the private sector and local community groups to foster economic independence and home ownership among Indigenous Australians to achieve this 'whole-of-Government' objective in service delivery.

IBA offers a range of services designed to develop initiatives for long term asset accumulation that includes:

  • Home ownership
  • Small business finance and support
  • Investment opportunities