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Microsoft UP Program

“Contributing To Australia’s Social Knowledge Economy And Community By Unlocking The Potential In Everybody”

Technology skills can open a world of possibilities and help individuals actively participate in all facets of society.

Through 'Unlimited Potential' and other initiatives, Microsoft aims to increase computer literacy among all members of the population regardless of age, background, education, location or socio-economic status. In Australia, Microsoft supports more than 200 'Unlimited Potential' Community-based Technology Learning Centres (CTLCs) located in rural and urban areas throughout the country, and the number of supported Centres is growing.

'Unlimited Potential' CTLCs help improve lifelong learning opportunities for disadvantaged people by connecting individuals and communities. Through local partnerships, 'Unlimited Potential' creates affordable opportunities for local people to contribute to society and the local community.

Microsoft is committed to partnering with a diverse range of organisations to reach Australia's most disadvantaged people through the provision of technology access and skills training.

Major socio-economic indicators show that most Indigenous Australians have fewer assets, less income, less regular and permanent work, fewer educational qualifications, lower quality of housing and more health problems than the general population.

Microsoft believe that partnerships with community organisations are critical to establishing the 'Unlimited Potential' program in Australia.

Microsoft Australia and Yarnteen work closely together to identify the vision, strategies and activities to work together to address the isues around ICT access and learning for Indigneous Australians. Microsoft Australia 'Unimited Potential' partnerships also include Australian Seniors Computers Clubs Association (ASCCA), The Smith Family and WorkVentures.

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