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Yarnteen 'UP' Vision

“Contributing To Aboriginal Australians Self-Determination And Maintaining Cultural Knowledge Through New Technology And Communications”

The Yarnteen UP’ project is “Indigenous Creative Technology Learning (ICTL) and aims to provide a creative and innovative ICT learning model that recognises and values Aboriginal community ownership and collaboration with families, schools and industry partners.

Yarnteen believes that community based initiatives that build on infrastructure and support networks, utilise technology as a vital tool & link to pathways through post secondary education are key to overcoming challenges around ICT access and training for Aboriginal people and communities. ICT is a key tool for community development & impacts on improved education, health, business & social cohesion.

Yarnteen ‘UP’ Objectives

· TRAINING & CAPACITY BUILDING: Improve the ICT skill base of Australian Aboriginals & promote ICT development capabilities within Aboriginal communities;

· SUSTAINABILITY: Enhance long-term business sustainability & opportunities for Aboriginal small business through ICT skill development & support;

· SOCIAL KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: To create mutually rewarding partnerships with Microsoft, Microsoft's partners, government, industry & private sectors to promote reconciliation between all Australians.