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Yarnteen and Reconciliation Australia

Yarnteen has been involved in reconciliation since the Council of Aboriginal of Reconciliation (CAR) was established as a bi-partisan agreement between both parties of the Australian Parliament 1991.

In 1992 CAR initiated the community consultation process to commence the Public movement on Reconciliation which included the walk over Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Australian Reconciliation Convention in 1997. Yarnteen undertook community consultation with Aboriginal communities within the Many Rivers Region.

In 2000, the Council of Aboriginal Reconciliation ceased operations. The Council developed the 'Road Map for Reconciliation' which contains four national strategies as a means for all Australians to continue the Reconciliation process.

Yarnteen has been involved in several further activities which Reconciliation Australia, the preceding body to CAR which as established in 2000. These include:

•National Governance Workshop
•Leadership programs – USA, Canada
•National Reconciliation Workshop – The Next Steps
Indigenous Community Governance Research Project

Click here to view a copy of "Evaluating Effective Governance, A facilitated process with the Board of Yarnteen Corporation" a case study conducted by Diane Smith 2006, CAEPR ANU.

Yarnteen has launched the first Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).  The RAP was launched on 3 February 2009 by Mr John Galligan, Director, Corporate Affairs and Citizenship of Microsoft Australia at a gathering of over 60 Indigenous and non Indigenous guests. The RAP is the result of extensive consultation and discussion since 2006 when Yarnteen committed to developing the RAP with the initial 'Statement of Commitment'.

For a copy of Yarnteen's Reconciliation Action Plan, please email enquiries@yarnteen.com.au or click here to view Yarnteen RAP.